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With the Home History Program, you can:

  •  Organize home maintenance and repair records in an easily accessible online format
  •  Showcase the home's history to potential buyers when you are ready to sell
  •  Email digital records of the care and maintenance put into the home throughout the years
  •  Send the Housefacks.com report directly to realtors
  •  Receive Housefacks' Home Sales Service from participating home inspectors, which could include receiving discounted consulting services before putting a home on the market or a discounted inspection of a new home.

Home Inspection Software
home Inspection Software

If only owning a house was as easy as owning a car.

Something goes wrong, you take it to the garage, it gets fixed and you pick it up. A little preventative maintenance and you're all set. Do you realize that in many cases we put more time, money and energy into something that depreciates (your automobile) then we do your largest investment (your house). Introducing the House Facks "Home History Program" - a simple tool to help you maintain the value of your home. And, here is the best part - we come to you! The "Home History Program" provides you with valuable information that will help you preserve your home's value and maintain or improve its condition. It is also a great sales tool should you ever decide to sell your home. Buyers will love being able to make an informed decision!.

What is House Facks?

House Facks is an on-line report about the condition of your home. The report is created by a certified home inspector who tracks the repairs and improvements you make to your home over time. That report is a private report (password protected) that can easily be shown to any prospective buyer.